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- monthly art trades -

Conbadges Monthly Trade
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Exchange artwork with one another in the conbadges community!

Welcome to the Conbadges Community!

Based on a secret-santa system, this community has been formed to offer a monthly trade of conbadges. If you do not know, a conbadge is a small (usually 3X5) portrait of a character with a name included, that people wear to conventions to identify themselves.

This community is dedicated to every participant receiving something, so if you are assigned someone and fail to contribute your part, you will be banned from future rounds until you either submit your badge for the person you received, or draw a badge for someone else that missed out.


Signups for May CLOSED!


1) Obviously, turn your badge in on time. If you do not, you will be blacklisted until you A) turn the badge in you were assigned or B) volunteer for a person who did not receive a badge when adoptions are put up. If you must be late, make sure you e-mail a moderator (or find another means of contact) with your reason. Do not expect, however, to e-mail the moderator every round because you cannot turn your stuff in on time. If you know you're going to be busy, simply don't participate, as signing up anyway to get a free badge when you know you can't turn in your own is pretty greedy and low, and you will be banned if we catch you doing it.

2) Draw as you would like to be drawn. We ask that you please don't rush your submissions, as everyone would like to have a high quality badge, regardless of skill level. Work which is rushed or turned in sloppy has every right to be reported to the e-mail address provided above. Be sure to include a link to your reference, the post, and provide a reason as to why you believe the work is rushed or sloppy. Your artist will be spoken to about it and if the work is indeed sub-par, they will be told to redraw it with effort put into it.

3) Don't be rude to other users. Even if you get someone you don't like, just grin and bear it. It's not going to kill you to draw someone's character that you don't like. Life goes on. If there is someone that you definitely don't wish to receive for our exchange, e-mail the community owner's e-mail address (WestlyWolfen@gmail.com) with a good reason that you and this person shouldn't be communicating and the request will be taken into consideration.

4) The max rating of this community is R. When posting your reference images, PLEASE don't post anything above an R rating, badge-wise. If the badge contains blood, sexual depictions, etc... it will be expected to be placed under a livejournal cut. Likewise goes for icons and other images. This will receive one warning and then a ban; no exceptions.

5) NO ADVERTISING POSTS. If you speak about your art when you post your badge for the round (in hopes of selling), this is okay. However, there are to be no posts with excessive advertising. There will only be so many warnings given before a temporary ban is placed. This ban will become permanent if the temporary ban is not enough.

Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email! We will happily answer any questions you may have.



rantingmule - April 2012

killercacti - February 2012
westly_roanoke - February 2012

kimbasnowpaw - November 2011
shinmaxwell - November 2011

Jess Tucker - August 2011

killerdetergent - May 2011

aurawolfeh - February 2011

shivra - September 2010
forensicsfemme - September 2010

pandemic_panic - August 2010
xtaintedredx - August 2010

furbrications - July 2010
voodoowolf_arts - July 2010

draken_art - April 2010
rizzy_rau - April 2010

onai_wolfwind - March 2010

megamon_blue - February 2010

tabenclearwater - November 2009

chesshiress - October 2009
film2edit - October 2009

teahound - September 2009

herraardy - August 2009
allou - August 2009

osprey_cat - July 2009

ivyadair - June 2009
spikethegoddess - June 2009

foxenprint - May and April 2009

kyoteklaw - April 2009

isilbastet - January 2009

kiffles - November 2008
nokkynuk - November 2008
cambria_jacolf - November 2008

jamminbison - September 2008

houndofloki - August 2008

cyansin - July 2008
kasamoon - July 2008
yuchidayena - July 2008
damianwolfe - July 2008

shirikdraguinea - June 2008
gas_mask_dragon - June 2008

bluewolfcheetah - May 2008
d_l_leonine - May 2008

skawurrldawg - April 2008
dinosaurgomeow - April 2008
warsawkook - April 2008
angel2342 - April 2008

10/07 winterxlovers
10/07 altarberry
10/07 clockworkgh0st
10/07 samoya_wulf

3/07 mana_bleu
3/07 borderdog
3/07 tlalocolalt

2/07 temperfang

12/06 iatro
12/06 reiko_sazanami
12/06 moltenglowstick

6/06 silverfoxxis
6/06 kappyjeanne
6/06 dreamaria

4/06 endurian
4/06 fireheart_l
4/06 floethegreat

3/06 booboobunnygirl

2/06 conorchu

1/06 flyingkitty
1/06 growing_rose

12/05 lyenuv
12/05 malaikawolfcat